A single change to the CSS stylesheet file can apply to the entire site. Changes to site appearance – being cheaper, easier, faster – are more likely to happen. Sites are less likely to become stale – this also means that a single change can ‘break’ the site’s appearance, and hence designers must keep multiple […]


The deferment of presentational details until the last stages means that a document can be easily re-purposed for an entirely different medium, with merely the application of a new stylesheet prepared for the new medium and consistent with elemental or structural vocabulary of the semantic document. A carefully authored document for a web page can […]


Sites that use CSS with either XHTML or HTML are easier to tweak, so that they appear similar in different browsers. Sites using CSS ‘degrade gracefully’ in browsers unable to display graphical content. Browsers ignore CSS that they don’t ‘understand’, such as CSS 3 statements. This enables a wide variety of user agents to access […]

Content is not style

If the medium is the message then the user’s choice may affect how your message is received. The benefits of delivering information separately: [SlideDeck id=’381′ width=’100%’ height=’400px’] Style sheets are a way of separating presentation and content, where the markup of a webpage contains its verbal message and structure, but doesn’t define its visual layout or […]

Table Taboo

Tables and spacers (usually transparent single pixel images with specified width and height) are the old way to create and maintain page layout. Web pages designed with tables nested within tables, result in large documents which use more bandwidth than documents with simpler formatting. When a table based layout is parsed by a screen reader […]

Dedicated Hosting

All our hosting is located on a dedicated server running the fastest HTTP server available called nginx Our dedicated server experts will keep all server software up to date and monitor the performance of your server 24/7/365 so you can rest easy and focus on your business. Web Tart gives you a powerful, WordPress-optimized hosting […]