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Short, Sweet WP Video — Matt Mullenweg

A few months ago I was recently interviewed on KTEH’s program “This is Us!” and the result ended being a nice 5 minute overview of WordPress, something you could show to your Mom to explain the whole thing. Here’s the video (using Youtube’s new beta iframe player): via Short, Sweet WP Video — Matt Mullenweg.

11 free ways to promote your website

Simple website promotional techniques can be undertaken by the business owner, or an appropriate employee, in the course of every day. Taking some of these actions, depending on the time you have available – in conjunction with a professional search engine optimisation strategy delivered by a digital media specialist – can really pay dividends. via 11 […]

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Oh well at least they’re honest

This is the first time I’ve seen a promise that my unsubscribe request may get ignored for a week or so. I assume this means they have multiple spam databases and that they haven’t yet worked out how to keep them in sync in real time? I guess this is familiar territory for an industry […]


Cennydd and James discuss the experience of writing a UX book, from the proposal and the money to the workflow and personal sacrifice involved. They talk about what publishers are looking for from potential authors, how to make a strong business case for your title, and how to come to terms with the alien practices […]