15 reasons why twitter threatens the old 4th estate

15 things that Twitter does rather effectively and which should be of the deepest interest to anyone involved in the media at any level. 1. It’s an amazing form of distribution It’s a highly effective way of spreading ideas, information and content. Don’t be distracted by the 140-character limit. A lot of the best tweets […]

11 free ways to promote your website

Simple website promotional techniques can be undertaken by the business owner, or an appropriate employee, in the course of every day. Taking some of these actions, depending on the time you have available – in conjunction with a professional search engine optimisation strategy delivered by a digital media specialist – can really pay dividends. via 11 […]


Cennydd and James discuss the experience of writing a UX book, from the proposal and the money to the workflow and personal sacrifice involved. They talk about what publishers are looking for from potential authors, how to make a strong business case for your title, and how to come to terms with the alien practices […]

Web Designer’s Guide To Copywriting Profits | Webdesigner Depot

If a web design agency wants to increase their sales, there’s one way that’s easier and quicker than the rest: sell copywriting services. When you sell copywriting to your clients, their websites will achieve more sales and better results. In addition, your projects will run more smoothly and efficiently. via Web Designer’s Guide To Copywriting […]

{ healthy stats } “The future of the internet is undeniably multilingual”

The English language currently only accounts for 31% of all online use. Over half of all Google searches are in languages other than English. In fact, only 25% of the Earth’s population speak English – 94% of this number do so as a second language – and internet access in non-English speaking countries is increasing […]

HTML5 Video Available on the Web – October Update

54% of web video is now available for playback in HTML5. Double in 5 months. Flash remains the dominant player within desktop environments. Mobile is driving HTML5 video adoption. HTML5 compatible (H.264 mostly) video is the most common format for mobiles (inc. iPhone, iPad and Android). Publishers & platforms now offer iframe embeds, allowing them […]