Auto Switch for Android / iPhone

Let’s hope this theme works for iPad to – assuming it also returns the user agent as “Mobile Safari”.

[The] iPhone optimized Magento theme will be available in the next few days via Magento Connect. Additionally, as part of the upcoming 1.1 release, automatic detection and delivery of packages, theme(s) (templates, skins, css, layouts) based on the user-agent (client) may be associated on a global, website and store view. The video below gives a preview of Magento on the iPhone.

via Magento – Blog – Video: Magento via iPhone – eCommerce Software for Growth.
Configuration in Magento couldn’t be much simpler:

UPDATE: Use “Mobile Safari|iPhone|iPod”. Also you don’t need to enter the exception against each of the ‘skin’, ‘layout’ templates’ etc parts, just add an exception next to the ‘default’ theme. Finally, the fields for ‘Matched expression’ and ‘value’ are case sensitive and do not require quotes around them. Enter each exactly as shown here (for iphone); Matched expression; iPhone Value iphone The theme is called ‘iphone’ in lower case so the value must match this exactly. Maybe not so simples after all!

magento iphone configuration

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