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Cool local php.ini Auto-installer

Installation Complete!Yes, really! A new environment has been installed for  Notes:Your .htaccess file was edited.An existing php.ini was discovered and rewritten.Ive removed myself so that noone can run me again accidentally. What now? You might like to visit some links below and let us know what you thought about the DreamHost Custom PHP.INI installer. […]

Tart Secrets

We all know the benefits of using snippets and bundles to speed up our coding, but what if we could take things a step further, and turn a complex html structure into something as simple as a CSS selector? Well, thanks to a new project, called Zen-Coding, we can do this very thing! In this […]


15 Brilliant CSS3 Based Articles

CSS3 is becoming more and more popular these days and many developers are using it regardless this is good of compatibility issues with some browsers. Today probably everyone knows about CSS3 and its features. But you can extend its use further with following awesome tutorials or resources. So go ahead and try them! via 15 […]