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Cool local php.ini Auto-installer

Installation Complete!Yes, really! A new environment has been installed for  Notes:Your .htaccess file was edited.An existing php.ini was discovered and rewritten.Ive removed myself so that noone can run me again accidentally. What now? You might like to visit some links below and let us know what you thought about the DreamHost Custom PHP.INI installer.

If you have a great idea for a web tool, please feel free to post about it in the forum. If its a popular choice then chances are good that it will be created! Was this application helpful? If you found the DreamHost Custom PHP.INI installer to be useful, please consider becoming an official supporter by making a donation – or maybe by becoming a subscriber! Your support will help towards the updating and improving of the tools and installers that are available, and will ensure the on-going development of new web-tools and auto-installers.

Translation: Know a language that should be added? Contact us if you would like to show your support by translating this web-tool into a different language!

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Navi Puss – useful when export is broken by design

Total downloads: 2 million
Installed base: 15,000
Can’t imagine: why the discrepency?
Shame: choice of showcase OS

Tart Secrets

We all know the benefits of using snippets and bundles to speed up our coding, but what if we could take things a step further, and turn a complex html structure into something as simple as a CSS selector? Well, thanks to a new project, called Zen-Coding, we can do this very thing!

In this four-minute video quick tip, he shows how:

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15 Brilliant CSS3 Based Articles


CSS3 is becoming more and more popular these days and many developers are using it regardless this is good of compatibility issues with some browsers. Today probably everyone knows about CSS3 and its features. But you can extend its use further with following awesome tutorials or resources. So go ahead and try them!

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Getting British Business Online

Businesses of every type and size need to be found online. Use our simple online tool to create your first website – no technical knowledge needed. Update your site from any computer, for free.

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Amazon S3 or homeserver?

Wireless insecurity

Here’s an article summarising reasons for not using, among other methods, MAC address filtering to secure your network.