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Seven Deadly Sins of Web Un-professionals

1 Accessibility 1.1 gratuitous flash without html degradation support 1.2 cross platform support & testing – do they use a service like browser cam ? 1.3 gratuitous graphics without alt tags and / or negative shifted html alternatives. I know this sounds contradictory to the cloak and dagger but it’s unlikely you’d get penalised for […]

Chicken + Noodle

Sorry for the delayed follow up. The method is very easy, just needs a lot of veg chopping.Fry some or all of the following cut in 1 inch squares or circles:courgette, red pepper, leek, sprouts, red onion etc plus the ginger chicken.When cooked add noodles and the sauce you prepared 2 weeks ago and chicken […]

Google Vs. Yahoo!

Or more specifically GCalender Vs Yahoo !Following up from last month’s dconstruct I have been doing some research.Upcoming assumes the world is on PST and appears poorly localised for “metros” outside the US.Google calendar give the option to SMS remind you at the time of your choosing – how cool is that?