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10 things to make or break a web site

These are the top 10 things I learned from attending the Dconstruct 2006 in Brighton earlier this month. Coincidentally also happened here in San Francisco :)

Evil Wagamama Chicken Chilli Men Recipe

Not sure why this is one of the most popular recipes. First make the sauce by chopping quite finely but not blitzing the following ingredients:
lemongrass stalks, peeled
fresh chilli
red onion
and fry for 6-8 minutes without colouring.
Add red pepper slices and sauté a further 8-10 minutes.
Add salt, sugar, light soy, chilli sauce and tomato sauce. For the last two I used a chilli and garlic sauce, and puree of tomato as there is already sugar in there.
Finally blitz with half a pint and then simmer for 10 minutes.
Next week – combining with the chicken & noodles!

Google localised results

Although this is already widely known in the SEO community, this article provides a neat summary of how results are country dependant. The TLD does not have much affect either, even though Google considers .us to be the same as .com – try going to and see where it takes you. I wrote to Vint Serf about this but got no reply.

By the way, all web-tart hosting is UK based as this reflects its clients business base, despite the temptation of using incredibly cheap hosting from USA such as dreamhost. It just wouldn’t provide the right google search results for our clients.

Wireless insecurity

Here’s an article summarising reasons for not using, among other methods, MAC address filtering to secure your network.

How to drive traffic to your site

Here is a page with a bunch of links with suggestions about how to drive traffic to your page. Disclaimer: I have not tried any but I often get asked about this.